We don't have any entries from alumni from this class put we did get this picture from the daughter of one of the graduates who sent this picture and enclosed this letter:

Sun, February 18, 2007

I just looked on the web to see if I could find anything about Pleasant Hill High School as I am in the process of adding to my Mother's History. Her family moved to Trent, Oregon probably in 1922 where her 3 sisters Beatrice, Myrtle and Florence Edwards attended Elementary school and my Mother, being the oldest of four girls (Avis Edwards) said in her history she had to go about 3 miles further to High School where she attended Pleasant Hill High School. I also have one of her report cards from that year. It says 2nd year and 2nd Semester, 1922.

She had this picture of the 1922 kids at that school and I am sending you the picture which I thought you might like to add to your collection of history. You will notice one of the pictures has been cut out...of course that would have to be my Mother, (Avis Edwards). She said she didn't like her picture and cut it out, which I would love to see. Mother was born in 1905 and had wonderful tales to tell of her experiences in Oregon. She was born in a log cabin in Utah, very near the Wyoming border, the Wild West back then.

I do not know anyone in the picture. If you have any information about the school at this time I would love to know more.

Thanks, Mella Bedell

If you can supply the names of any more of the people in the picture, please send the information to the webmaster, Richard Adams (radams@pleasanthill.k12.or.us)

Avis Edwards did not graduate from Pleasant Hill. Her daughter has continued searching for information and wrote some more details in 2010. She was also able to include what a high school report card looked like in that time:

I am in the process of trying to compile a nice history of my mother and have included her picture from Pleasant Hill High. Avis Edwards’ family moved a bit from a large ranch and in the wilds of Utah, near the Wyoming Border where my mother was born in a log cabin in 1905. She came down with polio at about the age of 3 or 4 and her family chartered a railroad car in Carter, Wyoming taking what they could along with a team of horses and moving to Gridley, California in 1912 hoping to get her help and her 3 sisters a good education. However, in Gridley most of the family came down with Malaria and nearly died so her father, Zeb Edwards bought his first car and picked up and moved the family in 1919 to Dorena, Oregon, about seven miles from Cottage Grove. My mother writes how much she loved Oregon and the berries and the beautiful wildflowers etc. They wanted a larger place so they moved again to Trent, Oregon and this is where my mother went to Pleasant Hill High School...likely a sophomore. Her three sisters would have been in the younger grades there.

After being in Oregon for a while her Dad complained of rheumatism and wanted to move to a drier place so they moved to Midvale, Idaho and Midvale High School is where Avis, my mother, graduated. The family eventually moved to Vernal, Utah, bought 12 acres there so they could be closer to the ranch they left but her father died two months after they moved back. I was raised in Vernal, Utah and spent many days going back and forth to the ranch over the rugged mountain passes to visit. What a wonderful place it is. Still owned by her sisters’ families.

The picture from Pleasant Hill High is the only picture I have of my mother’s school years and she cut herself out...Oh my, the things we do. She loved Oregon and always said if she had a chance to move anywhere in the world she would move to Oregon.

I am just searching for any tidbits of history about her life. I know she had friends there and remember one lady coming to see her from Oregon. She knew a classmate and her husband both from school there who were life time friends..I have their names somewhere.

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