Arahnell (Arnold) Brickey

Arahnell was born in Springfield on April 12, 1912. She spent her childhood in Trent, Oregon (near Dexter). Her most treasured childhood memory was each day collecting a half-dozen cows on the river bank pasture and leisurely driving them home along the mile-long lane for the evening milking.

After grade school at Trent and high school at Pleasant Hill, she did a two-year course at Monmouth College, earning a teaching certificate. Returning to her old school at Trent, she taught pupils only a few years younger than she was. She continued teaching in elementary schools in and near Eugene until the middle 1940s. In 1933 she and some teaching friends embarked on a big adventure: driving to the Chicago World's Fair (taking turns in the rumble seat).

Arahnell met the love of her life, Emerson Brickey, at "Swimmers' Delight" (near Goshen), and they were married in 1934. She was a very determined and adventurous woman. The Brickeys motor-boated on Triangle Lake when it was a new venture, traveled over the U.S. for Trapshooting (Emerson was a nationally-rated marksman) and frequently went big game hunting at home and abroad. Arahnell and Emerson serially lived in six houses in Eugene, two of which they designed. The Christian Church was always a bulwark in Arahnell's life. She spanned two great world wars, our deepest Depression and a long postwar boom. She left this life with a penetrating wit and still growing confidence intact.

Published in Eugene Register-Guard on Jan. 26, 2014
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Editor's Note: Arah Nell was the source of many of the old photographs of early Pleasant Hill classes that appear on these pages and the two CDs.  Bill Wiebke (class of 1940) acted as the go-between for us, since he maintained a friendship with his old teacher until she died. Thanks to both of you! 

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