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The Class of 1956 is had their 50th Reunion June 17, 2006. A Saturday night supper and program was held at the Eagles, in Eugene. No host bar at 5PM, Supper at 6:30 PM. There was dancing after the program. For people from out of town, camping was available and also a golf course for the diehard golfer. They had T-shirts, CDs, and programs plus a very good meal, all for $40.00. Sunday they met at the club house at Staffordshire Mobile Park on Hwy. 58 for a potluck and get-together. People contacted June (Harmsworth) Conard (Awolcon@aol.com) 747-4621, Mary (Howe) Cluphf 746-4142, Gayle (Davison) Rogers 342-4954, or Larry Schrenk 746-1007.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of our former teachers, please contact Mary (Howe) Cluphf at 746-4142.

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Nita Bedinger's senior picture

Nita Bedinger recent picture

Juanita "Nita" (Bedinger) Yeoman

E-mail: YOfam@pocketmail.com

541 926-7926

Gayle Davison senior picture

Gayle (Davison) Rogers

(541) 342-4954

June Harmsworth senior picture

June (Harmsworth) Conard

E-mail: awolcon@aol.com

Alice Higgins senior picture

Alice (Higgins) Hamilton

541 747-7739

Moggie Howe's senior picture

Moggie Howe's recent picture

Mary "Moggie" (Howe) Cluphf

E-mail: rmcluphf@uofu.net

Cherie Wright's senior picture

Cherie Wright's recent picture

Cherie (Wright) Barnes

E-mail: phaeton1929@hotmail.com

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