Class of 1975 40-year Reunion: July 31, August 1, 2015 Details on .pdf

• October 2010, June 2011: Scott Murphey has written two new books. Check out his entry

• The class of 1975 had a reunion in 2005. Kathy (Cantrell) Damewood Kathy.damewood@comcast.net was heavily involved in the planning and putting the whole thing on and did a marvelous job. Thanks, Kathy. People who would like to help in doing the next one can contact her at (541) 343-9214 here in Eugene.

Some 1975 alumna getting together in 2004

A group of 75-ers got together at Roaring Rapids Pizza (the old Pietro's Pizza) and had a good evening during the summer of 2004. Kathy Cantrell '75, Susan Evanson '77(behind Kathy), Suzie Sprague '75, Cindy Hollemon '75, Debra Trusty '75 (behind Cindy), Wendy Evanson '75 and Pudy Pippett '75.

UPDATE: The Class of 1976 invites you to part of THEIR reunion in 2016

2016 Casual Gathering for Class of '76 Friends
Adjoining Classmates 1973-1979
Friday July 29th, Sam's Place 1675 Franklin Blvd, 7:00 pm

pictures biography

Ken Bagen's senior photo

[February 3, 2005]
Kenly "Ken" C Bagent
316 S McLoughlin
Oregon City OR 97045
Marital Status: Single / Engaged for 4 yrs
Children - Mandy (28), Brad (25), Ricky (23)
Occupation is a little more confusing - I'm an independent contractor for site inspections for the Home Depots in Portland. Simply, I do site measures for remodel projects for them. In my spare time my partner (Terry Bee) and I own (2) Taverns in Oregon City.

Scott Flowerday's senior photo

Scott D. Flowerday
E-mail: sflowerday@solbroadband.com
Pilot Point, Texas (north of Dallas)
Marital Status: Married - wife's name is Paula
Occupation: Radiological Emergency Preparedness, Department of Homeland Security
Comment: Doesn't seem possible that over 30 years have gone by; where is everyone? [May 10, 2006]

John Gent's senior photo

John Gent
Email: j.gent@comcast.net
Homepage: http://home.comcast.net/~j.gent/
1475 Goodpasture Island Road
Eugene, 97401
(541) 686-5602 (home)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Nonda
Children: 2 grown kids (men)
Occupation: Manufacturing Engineer specializing in CAD/CAM

Comments: After my stint in the Navy I landed in Southern California for awhile. I got really tired of the weather and came back to the Emerald Valley, where not only are the hillsides green, but the roads and sidewalks are, too! I've since started a string band called Back Porch Soiree and play a few gigs around town occasionally. In fact, our bass player is Mila Butler, a current student at Pleasant Hill.
Go Billies, Go Mila and Go Mr. Adams! [March 5, 2015]

Mica Hartley's senior photo

[September 26, 2001]
Mica Hartley
E-mail: micaheart@hotmail.com
1600 McKenzie St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
Marital Status: Single
Children: one daughter born 1995
Occupation: Psychotherapist in private practice
Comments: Hello everyone out there! Our class was so close going through school for so many years...I miss you guys! Keith Burton--I haven't seen you since 1976! Hope to see you at the next reunion. Lots of memories. Some of my best and some of my saddest. But then that's life isn't it? May we all know peace and joy.

Rick Hedges' senior picture

Richard A. Hedges
e-mail: richard.hedges@pcshs.com
37269 Parsons Creek Rd.
Springfield, OR 97478
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Kim R. Dickens-Hedges (She graduated from Mohawk High School in 1981)
Children: 2 daughters, Madison 6/3/87 and Lauren 2/27/90
Occupation: Pharmacist, 16 years as pharmacy manager for Safeway Inc. Now a clinical consultant for Advance PCS. The world's largest Pharmacy Benefits Management company.
Comments: I don't feel 25 years older. Where did all the time go? It was great seeing all who showed up at the 25 year get together. Cindy Nixon: my arm really hurts and is black and blue from where you pinched me! Take care everybody.

[July 17, 2011]

Jan (Lindley) Smith

E-mail: jansmith475@yahoo.com
Springfield, Oregon
Children: Brandon 1985, Melissa 1988
Occupation: Dental Assistant, Eugene, Oregon, Part-time Instructor in LCC Dental Assisting Program

Wendy Marney's senior photo

[August 16, 2005]
Wendy (Marney) Willyard
E-mail: Wendy.Willyard@lifewisehealth.com
LaPine, Oregon
Marital Status: Married
Children: Melissa (step)1974; Michelle (step) 1975; Timothy 1976; Wesley 1977; Monica (step) 1977; Sara 1979. We raise all of the kids.
Occupation: Claims Processor II for Lifewise Health Insurance of Oregon
Comments:I am looking forward to being at the reunion this year. Nancy Alred I have missed seeing you.

Ken McLellan's senior photo

recent photo of the late Ken McLellan

Kenneth McLellan

Ken died November 12, 2000, of an aneurysm. He was 44. His parents were Phillip and Nell McLellan. He is remembered for his participation in football, wrestling, and cross-country at PHHS. He married Katherine Marlene in Salem in 1989. He worked in a mill and was a cabinetmaker. His interests included remote control cars and video games. His wife now lives in Wichita, Kansas.

Interview with Wes Scott Murphey (.pdf)

Wes Murphey's latest book (2011) information:

Lost Creek Books of La Pine, Oregon has released 1975 Pleasant Hill graduate Wesley Murphey's new suspense-thriller novel, Trouble at Puma Creek: A Vietnam Vet—A Deadly Hunt.

While hunting deer at Puma Creek in Oregon's Fall Creek Forest in October 1980, Vietnam veteran Roger Bruington is murdered by an Oregon State Police Officer. Was this a government hit because Bruington was finally going to reveal the U.S. Government's cover up of the evidence he turned over in June 1974 proving American POWs were still being held captive in Cambodia, a year after all Vietnam POWs were supposedly released? How will Detective Jim Dowdy, a Korean War veteran, solve the case? When more bodies turn up at Puma Creek in the summer of 1981, Dowdy is determined to bring the killer to justice. But he under­estimates what he is up against: "the ghost of Vietnam." Trouble at Puma Creek starts with high tension and never lets up. An excellent work of crime fiction," said a retired U.S. Army general, who did two combat tours in Vietnam and once worked in the Defense Intel­ligence Agency. "But I can't support the idea of a conspiracy or government-cover up of the POW/MIA issue."

Trouble at Puma Creek is a 340 page historical-suspense fiction account, whose idea came from an actual double homicide that occurred at Puma Creek in Oregon's Fall Creek Forest. Three of the main characters are Viet­nam veterans, while the detective is a Korean War vet. The book deals heavily in Vietnam War and post Vietnam War issues, particularly the POW/MIA problem, and gives the reader an excellent feel for the trauma experienced by many Vietnam veterans and their families. Murphey says, "This book takes the reader back to that period of time when it was not okay to talk about the Vietnam War, or to even be a Vietnam veteran, a time when hippies flourished, and the U.S. Presidency was in shambles." Three chapters take place in 1974.

Murphey's books can be purchased at many Lane County outlets and online at http://www.lostcreekbooks.com or through amazon.com.

Wesley Scott Murphey

Lost Creek Books of La Pine, Oregon in 2010 released the new mystery-suspense novel, A Homeless Man’s Burden: She was only nine, by Pleasant Hill High School alumnus Wesley Scott Murphey (class of 1975). This 306 page book is a fast-moving present-day fiction story about an actual, still-unsolved child-murder that occurred in a Trent, Oregon bean field in 1960, back in the days when, all over the Pacific Northwest, tens of thousands of kids and adults spent their summers picking beans for local bean farmers. (See Register-Guard article, "50 year search for justice, 8-15-2010 online for huge coverage of actual case.)

Murphey's story takes place in the Pleasant Hill-Dexter-Lost Creek area, uses real locations, and has numerous references to Pleasant Hill High School and some of your old stomping grounds. The book has a great mix of humor, light-romance, nostalgia, conflict and suspense. If you ever picked beans as a kid, (like so many PH alumnus did) this book will be especially nostalgic for you.

In Murphey’s 2010 book, a modern-day fur trapper encounters a homeless, old man, dying alone in his sleeping bag, on the bank of the McKenzie River. Before dying, the old man gives a partial confession concerning the bean field murder fifty years earlier. Taking the old man’s burden, the trapper teams up with his life-long friend—a short-fused, sarcastic, ex-cop, private-investigator—to solve the fifty year old case.

A Homeless Man’s Burden is the fourth mystery-suspense novel written by Wesley Murphey, but the first to be released. Lost Creek Books will be bringing out Murphey’s other three novels over the next eighteen months. Murphey previously had two non-fiction outdoor books published in the mid-nineties, most notably, Blacktail Deer Hunting Adventures, and he has also had many outdoor articles published.

A Homeless Man’s Burden sells for $15.95 and is available for purchase at local bookstores; through numerous non-bookstore outlets; from Lost Creek Books, PO Box 3084, La Pine, OR 97739 (postpaid $15.95); or online at http://lostcreekbooks.com. You may email Murphey at wesmur@netzero.com.

Rob Strader's senior photo

recent picture of Rob Strader and his wife Jill Cardwell ('77)

Rob Strader

Residence: Pleasant Hill

Family: wife - Jill (Cardwell) Strader (class of 1977)
Children: 2 - Garret (9th grade) and Riley (6th grade) in Pleasant Hill schools.

Occupation: autobody/painting business

Recent picture of Rob and Jill on the Oregon Coast north of Florence for their 27th anniversary.

[April 28, 2010]

Janice (Truesdale) Hallmark

E-mail: jettalker@yahoo.com

4661 Aster Street

Springfield OR 97478


Comments: I am a member of Toastmasters; I just published my first book in December 2009 and I do stand-up when I get the chance. --Janice Hallmark

We're a PHHS family:

Father -- Howard Truesdale 1943

Brother -- Denny Truesdale 1969

Brother -- Allen Truesdale 1971

Brother -- Larry Truesdale 1972 Sister -- Marcy (Truesdale) 1974 Daughter -- Tiffany Hallmark 2000 Son -- Cody Hallmark 2002

Daughter -- K.L.N. Hallmark 2003


teacher Larry Crain in 1977

teacher Larry Crain in 2004

[August 4, 2002]
Larry Crain (faculty)
E-mail: lrcrain@mind.net

I am teaching at Crater High School and have been since fall 85. I teach Spanish and the yearbook (yeah, what a coincidence!). I've taught a horde of other things too. I've coached boys' soccer (took North Medford to the state play-offs three times in the 90s and to the district play-offs about five other times. Now I am a volunteer assistant at Crater (make way for younger coaches). I've been back to Colombia (where I was in the Peace Corps) about five times (last time in 2000). [picture from Class of '74 30th reunion on July 31, 2004]

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