THIRTY-YEAR Reunion in July 2015


July 18th and 19th we will be hosting our 30-year Pleasant Hill High School Reunion for the classes of 1984 and 1985.

Saturday the 18th we will have a catered breakfast starting at 9 AM in the PHHS Community Center. This will be a family event so kids are welcome. After the breakfast we will tour the schools.

Saturday evening (still the 18th) we will meet at the Valley River Inn in Eugene for a semi-formal adult-only event starting at 6 PM. Dinner will be catered. There will be a video of school footage playing so if you have any such footage please contact Sunshine who is putting that together. There will be an open bar and dance floor (working out details). The hotel is offering discounted group rates if you are travelling to the event and they also offer shuttle service to the airport and other places around town.

Sunday afternoon (the 19th) we will be having a family potluck picnic at Alton Baker Park starting at 2 PM. Bring your favorite dish and of course yourselves.

You can attend any or all of the events. The costs of the events are:

Saturday breakfast: $12 per person
Saturday evening: $45 per adult
Sunday picnic: Free (donations welcome)

Prices will increase 20% after June 15th and 100% at the events to encourage early-birds.

Teachers attend all events for free.

Details on how/who to pay will be announced soon but we need to get a count of the number of attendees to expect at each event by next Saturday (March 7th). So, we need you to check your calendars and fill out the participation survey below by then or we will not be expecting you to attend.

A big thank you to the reunion organizers for their efforts getting us this far. In particular, a giant thank you to Sunshine Kesey for doing the legwork to check out the venues.


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Dennis Botefur's sophomore picture

recent photo of Dennis Botefur

Dennis Botefur


Junction City, Oregon

Occupation: Police Officer

Married, 3 children

Paul Writght's sophomore picture

wedding picture of Paul Wright and his wife

Paul Didzerekis ( Paul Wright)

Even though we moved from Pleasant Hill to Eugene before I graduated High School, I thought I would send you some info on myself for the PHHS website. I never even graduated from high school but got my GED instead. I would have graduated in 1985.

E-mail address: hostmaster@3-rivers.com
Webpage: Three Rivers Internet
1203 Gowen Avenue
Richland, WA 99352
(509) 946-3397
Marital Status: Married
Children: None
Occupation: Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur. My wife and I own a website hosting and design company, Three Rivers Internet ( http://www.3-rivers.com/)

Randy Liberman's senior photo

recent photo of Randy Liberman

[November 25, 2000]
Randy (James) Liberman
E-mail: jrl117@yahoo.com or jrl117@home.com
Eugene, Oregon
Marital Status: divorced/single
Children: no
Occupation: Welder at Gibson Steel in Eugene
Comments: I left the last quarter of my senior year, transferring to Siuslaw High School. After that, I spent five years in the military and have been back here since 1990. Nothing much else to say except Take Care and GO BILLIES!

Sandy Smith's senior photo

[December 30, 2004]
Sandy Smith
E-mail: SSHRMSAR@wmconnect.com
4900 Royal Ave. #36
Eugene, OR 97402
541 389-2093
Confession: To whom it may concern:
Back in (1984-1985)? David Gaffeney, Mike Stanley, and I, (Sandy Smith) were the ones who broke into the Billie Shack and looted all the Candy...It was late one night, about 1:30 am, coming home from the Drive Inn theater in Springfield, We all decided we wanted some candy..We jimmied open the Billie Shack door and tried to take the soda bottles, but they were too heavy, so we took the candy instead..THREE bags full of it. David, Mike, and I kept quiet and never told a soul. It was all we could do to carry the candy back to David's Silver Trans-Am. Mike Stanley was our lookout person, David was the Muscle and I was the one who got the door open. We were all wondering what would be on the announcement the next day about it, and sure enough, Marv wanted NAMES! This Secret that us three shared, lasted 20 years now, and I feel like it must be told who the culprits were...I've thought about telling Marv Brenneman, who I've seen from time to time in Eugene, but never had the balls to tell him. It was funny then, but was a stupid thing to do. (I APOLOGIZE for being a part of that prank, I'm REALLY SORRY.) I really need to tell someone and get this cleared up with myself. I hope we can move on and learn from our mistakes.
- Sandy Smith

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