You were invited to come to the Class of 1990's 20th reunion in August of 2010. Details are on their webpage.

Billies Class of '89 or Close Enough Reunion happened August 7-9, 2009

The planning was by Casey Faust, Chris Case, Eli Babbs, Scott Conrad, Luke Strahota, Jeff Schneider. There was a group page and event page on Facebook under the same name. We are encouraging people to join for information updates.

There was a no-host, non-formal mixer for Friday, August 7th. The Saturday, August 8th plan was also no-host, set for McShane's just off I-5 at 30th Ave. We intended this night to be more dressed down and loose. The plan included more time to catch-up, a video presentation leading into a short performance by a band called The Billies (see above names), that balanced a few 80's songs with a few of their P.H. inspired originals. The night continued with a professional DJ playing dance music focused on celebrating those totally awesome 80's! On Sunday, August 9th we reserved the sheltered area (#4) at Jasper Park, and had a potluck BBQ with a family oriented focus, including games and activities designed to involve the kids and their parents, and just to have a fun sunny day in the park.

Thanks, Casey Faust faustcasey@comcast.net

pictures biography

[January 15, 2008]

Cassondra (Arnett) Lucey
E-mail: cassondraa@hotmail.com
Marital Status: Married
Children: James 3 1/2, Sean 2
Occupation: Retired Microsoft
Comments: I have a bio and contact info on
https://www.alumniclass.com/pleasanthillbillies?msg=logged-out, I'm also on Facebook under "Cassondra Arnett Lucey"

[December 18, 2008]

Ryan Bennett
E-mail: ryben97305@yahoo.com
Turner, Oregon
Marital Status: Happily married 12 years
Children: Our son David is 15, and our daughter McKenzie is 11 ( going on 25! )
Occupation: Electrician
Comments: Oh boy! Where do I start? After high school I joined the USAF and had a lot of fun seeing the world. I went through a short marriage and divorce with Tanya Bright (class of 1988). After the service I moved back to the Salem area where I entered the electrical apprenticeship. I was somehow able to charm a beautiful woman by the name of Nikki.

We are now happily married and have two lovely (I hesitate to use that term now that the teenage years have hit full force) children. My son is on the Cascade High School football and basketball teams. Cascade plays P.Hill, which leaves me a winner either way, I just wait until half time and decide which side of the stands to sit in! My daughter plays basketball and is looking forward to being a cheerleader for the high school.

I worked my way through apprenticeship to be a journeyman, through that to be a General Supervisor, opened and ran my own electrical contracting company for some time. When the company started to take too much time from family, I decided to work towards my Electrical Inspector certification and eventually worked as an inspector for two different counties. After a few years of inspecting, I once again longed to use my skills and work with my hands, so I accepted a job working for an electrical contractor in Salem as a supervisor, designer, and estimator.

We need more people to post on here! I was able to find the time between kids football and basketball practice and games, choir concerts, property maintenance and restoration, a little farming, hunting, fishing and camping, oh and I guess there is also that work thing I have to do to support all the fun! If I can find the time, then you can too! let us know what's up! -- Ryan

[January 7, 2008]

Scott Conrad
2020 NE 60th Avenue
Portland, Oregon
Marital Status: Married
Children: Dog, Sydney 11.5 years, no kids
Occupation: Confocal Engineer, Leica Microsystems, Heidelberg Germany
Comments: Howdy, Billies. Well, I left Pleasant Hill in 1989 and moved to Eugene. Attended Lane Community College (Harvard on the hill) and graduated in 1991. Transferred to the University of Oregon and enrolled in the school of journalism. Realized I didn't want to be a sports writer like my old man and spent the majority of my time having a great time. Wink, wink. Left the Eugene area in 1995 and joined the United States Air Force. The Air Force sent me to school, got my electronics engineering degree and served out the rest of my enlistment in Mississippi. Moved back to Oregon, thank God, and worked in the semiconductor business for six years before taking a position with my current employer, Leica Microsystems. I work on confocal microscopes. I'm married for the second time and enjoying life with no kids and a dog.

[January 7, 2008]

Denise Culver
E-mail: dculver@egrassoc.com
Dexter, Oregon
Marital Status: Not married but attached
Children: None
Occupation: Office Administrator for an Environmental & Geological Consulting Firm
Comments: Okay so here it goes--After graduation I traveled back east and spent 4 years in the US Army in the Counter-Intelligence and Security Field. After that I came home and attended LCC for about a year and then took off for Florida. I lived there for a year and decided to come home and get a real job. Actually I attended LCC again and continued to off and on around my full time job and I finally received my degree in 2003. I worked for Farwest Steel for about 7 years and then left there to come work for EGR & Associates, Inc., my current job which I truly love and have been here for almost 8 years. I live in the same house I did when I was attending the Pleasant Hill Schools—there is no place like home. I have no children, just a mortgage. I do, however, have two cats and a dog. For fun I like to explore the beautiful Oregon great outdoors. I recently got into Geocaching, and I love to go mountain biking, rafting, camping, etc.. To test my patience I go golfing with some friends. It is so great that we can keep in touch with fellow classmates -- what would we do without the internet, FaceBook, MySpace, etc.? What a great thing. I can't wait to hear from you and see some of you at the 20 year reunion

[January 7, 2008]

Casey Faust

E-mail: faustcasey@comcast.net

Tigard, OR

Marital Status: married

Children: Wilson 5/26/06

Occupation: Elementary School teacher, currently substitute teaching in Tigard-Tualatin School District.

Comments: I've been a dad since 2006, married since 2005, teaching since 2001, writing songs and playing in bands since 1990, and refusing to outgrow surfing since the day I started in 1984 (though lately the other priorities listed are getting much more attention). My wife and I sold our condo last spring, and are now the proud owners of a bigger mortgage. We do love the house our bank is kindly allowing us to buy from them a stick and a brick at a time! In all sincerity, having Wilson has been the greatest joy of our lives. We feel humble and blessed to call this amazing little ball of energy our son (not to be confused with the amazing ball of energy we call our Sun). As the boundaries of his world expand with each day's new discoveries, he provides us with a constant source of pride and cheap entertainment. So, that's the story of me and mine these days, minus a few details!

[July 27, 2009]

Kamala (Hollander) Shugar


Eugene Oregon

Marital Status: Married to Richard Shugar

Children: 2 kids -- Avi (8) and Miriam (4).

Occupation: Assistant Attorney in Charge, Oregon Department of Justice, Child Advocacy Section.

Comments: I am on facebook if you want current photos. My
husband Richard is an architect and owns his own firm: 2Form Architecture, see: www.2-form.com

[July 22, 2008]

Will Keepers


Yuba City, CA

Marital Status: Married

Children: three daughters: Taylor 9, Sierra 7, and Savannah 1

Occupation: Science teacher at Faith Christian School

Comments: I spent six years getting a four year degree at Blue Mountain Community College and the University of Idaho. In the spring of 95, I returned to Pleasant Hill to student teach with Ms. Lorence and Mr. Adams. After student teaching and teaching a year in Cottage Grove, I couldn't find a job as a teacher and decided to change gears and join the Navy. After boot camp in Chicago, language school in Monterey, and tech school in San Angelo, Texas, I spent 4 years as an Arabic Linguist in Georgia. While in language school, I met and married my wife (who was a Persian-Farsi linguist in the Navy). We had 2 daughters in Georgia, then returned to Oregon in 2002, where I was a substitute teacher in Pleasant Hill and worked at the feed store. In January of '03, I got a teaching job in Sacramento, and in June of '03, I got a teaching job in Yuba City where I still work and where we had a third daughter.

So here I am, teaching, coaching cross country, raising my kids, and starting a Masters Degree program online. My goals are to teach for another 20-25 years, then write a few novels and/or go into politics. Hope you all are well.

Allette Pierce's senior photo

recent picture of Allette Pierce and her family

[March 3, 2002]
Allette J. (Pierce) Wellauer
E-mail: ajwellauer@piercetribe.org
Website: www.piercetribe.org/Allette
Marital Status-Happily going on 10 years
Children- 3 boys: Caleb 7/16/92, Jacob 10/31/93 and Nathaniel 12/9/96
Occupation: Domestic Goddess--just kidding...I'm finishing my Surgical Technology Degree in August and I have Scrubbed in on over 100 cases so far.
Message: After my brief tour in the Army as a Medic my husband and I moved here to Texas. We bought our house here in 1998 and currently we are really looking forward to my graduation in August. I am really enjoying my Surgical Anatomy and Cardiovascular courses and I loved my Physiology class but I can't wait to be able to spend more time with my boys and my hubby. Bob is a Network Manager for the State of Texas. We are always busy rollerbalding, going to Cub Scouts functions, doing homework --theirs and mine--- and spending time together as a family. Check out our Website for fun pics and updates. I am looking forward to the 2009 reunion and catching up. The '99 one was spent chasing my rugrats. You can also view some memorabilia pics of Dance Team on the Classmates.com site under Photo albums.
Update 2005: Another chapter began this year after a permanent injury and lengthy recovery I am back in college currently pursuing a degree in computer science/web programming. I am totally loving the web design-which is a surprise to me since I thought I was a 'people-person' and would not enjoy sitting in front of a computer endlessly...but I love it. Still happy to be married to my Bob and my boys are growing fast: Caleb is12, Jacob is 11 and Nathaniel is 8. Drop me an email or come visit us in Sunny Texas! We bought a bigger house in '03 so we have plenty of room :-) [April 3, 2005]

Chooch Vanis' senior picture

[January 30, 2002]
Julius "Chooch" Vanis
email cvanis@cascadehealth.org
Junction City, Oregon
Marital Status: Happily for almost 14 years
Children: 2 Daughters : Maddison 11, & Phoebe 7
Occupation: Administrative Director, Cascade Health Solutions
Message: Well lots has happened professionally and personally for me over the past few years…I ended up having a quadruple by-pass in 2006 after having the only warning signs of heartburn, at least I didn’t have a heart attack…that was a life changing experience to say the least, all has gone well since the surgery and I’m living a heart-healthy lifestyle. My wife and I are still happily married and we enjoy our daughters immensely. Professionally I’m now with Cascade Health Solutions (long merger story) and work as the Administrative Director, I supervise two departments (including MedExpress) as well as multiple administrative functions…definitely keeps me busy and it’s never a dull moment. We moved to Junction City this past summer and I’m adjusting to life rooting for the Tigers, ouch…Well that’s it for now and hopefully we’ll see some of you folks this summer, as we plan to attend…till then…

[update 1/13/09]

Libby Wittenberg's senior photo

recent photo of Libby Wittenberg

[March 8, 2001]
Libby (Wittenberg) Calnon
E-mail: libby@calnon.net
Year of graduation: 1989 - although I graduated as a junior and was actually part of the class of 1990
Columbia City, OR
Marital Status: Married
Children: Nope
Occupation: Communication Specialist for electric utility
Comments: You can find me on Facebook

[update 1/9/09]

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