20-year REUNION
August 16-18, 2013
Friday night: no-host social at Gatehouse Pizza.

Saturday: dinner/dance/games at the Hilton Eugene & Conference Center. Special room rates are available.

Sunday: family pot luck at the outside shelter at Splash Wave Pool.

$50.00 per person. Payments and RSVP's due by June 15, 2013.

Contact Keri Riggs-Brown at 541-206-7157 or Jodeen75@comcast.net for more information.

pictures biography
Jennifer Clark's senior photo
[August 3, 2001]
Jennifer (Clark) Nelson
E-mail: jensway3@yahoo.com
345 First St.
Lowell, OR
Marital Status: divorced/engaged to Michael Tentinger
Children: Brandon Nelson 6, Mckenzie Nelson 4, Shasta Tentinger 2.
Occupation: Homemaker and enjoying every minute with my family

Charles Ellis' senior photo

recent photo of Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis' photography business card

[June 10, 2003]
Charles Ellis
E-mail: cellis@cephotos.com
Website: http://www.cephotos.com
Eugene, Oregon soon to be Seattle, Washington
Marital Status: Married (Four Years)
Spouse's Name: Jennifer Gahagan (SEHS Class of 90)
Children: Nadia Jane Gahagan Ellis 4 1/2 years old
Occupation: Self-Employed Professional Photographer for the past 6 years.
Comment: We are moving soon to Seattle for more work in a bigger market. My wife recently received her Master's degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon and is looking forward to working in Seattle. My daughter, fortunate for her, is the spitting image of my beautiful wife.

Stacy Greene's senior photo

[October 24, 2005]
Stacy (Greene) Gresser
E-mail: gresser5@msn.com
Springfield, Oregon
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: John
Spouse PHHS Class of '93
Children: 3 Girls - Brooklynn 1994, Samantha 1998, Alli 2000
Occupation: Homemaker and Volleyball Coach at PHHS

John Gresser's senior photo

[October 24, 2005]
John Gresser
E-mail: aadco1@msn.com
Springfield, Oregon
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Stacy Greene Gresser
Spouse PHHS Class of '93
Children: 3 Girls - Brooklynn 1994, Samantha 1998, Alli 2000
Occupation: Self Employed, remodeling, decks, and new construction. AADCO Enterprises, L.L.C.

Sherry Harris' senior photo

[September 29, 2001]
Sherry (Harris) Bryson
E-mail: scbryson@aol.com
Springfield, Oregon
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Matt Bryson
Spouse PH Class of 94
Children: Matthew (6), Tyler (1)
Occupation: Currently - at home with children
Comments: I graduated from the University of Oregon in 99 with a B.S. in Psychology. GO DUCKS!!! I am hoping to go back to school to get my Masters in Education. Right now I am enjoying my time with my husband and children.

Andrew Huntington's senior photo

Andrew Huntington's wedding photo with wife Sarah

[January 7, 2002]
Andrew Huntington
E-mail: HuntingtonAS@hotmail.com
Homepage: www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~andrewsh
Beaverton, Oregon
Marital Status: Married, on January 8, 2004 to Sarah
Occupation: senior engineer at Voxtel, where I am responsbile for the design, simulation, and growth of III-V detectors and sources, and Lance Corporal in Marine Corps Reserve.
Children: no
Comments: Hi. I hope everyone is doing well. I finshed up a Ph.D. at UC Santa Barbara, working on lasers. I then joined the Marines and am now working in the Portland area. [February 11, 2004]

Maike Jacobi's senior photo

recent photo of Maike Jacobi

Maike Jacobi
E-mail: missmaike@hotmail.com
Chicago, IL
Marital Status: Single, but co-habitating
Children: none
Occupation: Graduate Student
Comments: Hello, all! I'm living in Chicago and finishing up my MFA in Acting at DePaul University's acting conservatory - The Theatre School. I'm not sure what I'll do when I graduate, but I plan on either staying here or moving to Los Angeles. God, help me.

senior picture of Louie LaForteza

recent photo of the late Louie LaForteza


Louie LaForteza

Louie LaForteza of Springfield died March 22 of heart failure. He was 32. He was born June 10, 1975, in California. LaForteza was the owner-operator of People Pleaser. Survivors include his father, Lou; his mother, Beth Rutherford; a grandmother, Dione Pugh; three children, Luis LaForteza, Alexis LaForteza and Sammi Scott, all of Springfield; a brother, Jesse of Ohio; and life partner, Billie Jo.

Arrangements by Andreason’s Cremation & Burial Service in Springfield. Remembrances to the Louie LaForteza children’s fund at U.S. Bank.

You are invited to come listen, learn, talk, cry, but most of all laugh with us at Louie's Celebration of Life – a life which Louie celebrated each and everyday – at Pleasant Hill High School Gym, April 2nd, at 6:00 p.m. (wear your Hawaiian attire).

I could tell you about Louie's 12 years in the Pleasant Hill schools and what he did, but it would mean nothing to many.

I could tell you about his 2 heart transplants but unless you knew Louie, you would never understand the grace and joy he gave every family member, including friends, hospital employees, and roommates during that time.

I could tell you about his work in concrete and how he took pride in any task he did for others, but many wouldn't care.

I could tell you about his building Bad Ass Coffee kiosk from the ground up and how it is thriving today because Louie wanted a future for his kids, but that could seem small also.

What I can't tell you is how much he loved and adored kids – Luis (The Little Man) and Alexis (My Little Princess). That kind of love is beyond words.

I also can't tell you what a great grandson, son, brother, nephew, friend, or mate he was. That, too, is beyond words, but all of these are what Louie always put first. Not things, not money, not time, and certainly not Louie. You were first with Louie.

I also can tell you how much Louie loved our Lord, how he walked with Him and talked with Him, and spent time learning more and more about his Father in Heaven, but unless you can open your heart to this, you will just say, "Oh, that was just Louie."

Who do you know who:

  • Never complained about life's aches and pains – but had them?
  • Always brought joy to everyone – but seemed to not need any himself?
  • Never wanted for anything – but could use much?
  • Always smiled – but had reasons not to sometimes?
  • Never said no to anyone – but asked for nothing?
  • Always put family and friends first – but knew no strangers?
  • Never was selfish with his time – but knew his time was short?
  • Just Louie, "The Light."

I think if Louie could comment on this obit he would say, "I think it's great, but of course – it's about me."

In lieu of flowers, a memorial fund in his name, Louie LaForteza, has been set up for his children at the US Bank.

Please sign the guest book at www.registerguard.com/legacy

Brian McKinley's senior photo

recent photo of BrianMcKinley at state capitol in Salem where he works

[August 3, 2001]
Brian McKinley
E-mail : briancmckinley@mac.com

Salem, Oregon
Marital Status: Single
Children: no
Occupation: Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms for the Oregon House of Representatives
Comment: Hello, everyone, I am doing well here in Salem. I work for the Legislature in the House of Representatives and am having a great time. I never married nor do have any children, I do have a few cats however. I have had a ton happen to me, far more than I have room to post here. I have kept in contact with some of you here and there. If you wish to catch up in person, I posted my myspace and facebook, or if you're in Salem, just come to the Capitol and ask someone for the Chief Clerk's office, they will most likely know where to find me. I hope to hear from you guys, and if not we can reconnect at the 20-year reunion. Crap we are all getting old!! Just kidding!

[update: December 8, 2007]

Ellery Pierce's senior photo

recent photo of Ellery Pierce

Ellery Pierce
E-mail: epierceNoSpam @softhome.net
HomePage: http://www.piercetribe.org
Los Angeles, California
Message: Hello everyone, I moved down here to Southern California in '95 to work for Symantec in development. I've been spending my time sitting in traffic, surfing, ice hockey, and occasionally going on vacation in far away places. (The NOW picture is from a recent visit to a friend who is working in the Peace Corps in Africa). I'm sure this comment will be dated very soon.. I'm looking forward to the 10 year re-union. I really haven't seen much of anyone since High School except Andrew H. for a couple of years when he was at Cal-Tech, and some chance meetings with people when visiting family up in Oregon.

Stacy Prater's senior picture

recent photo of Stacy Prater with Husband in chair and son in husband's lap

recent photo of Stacy Prater with son

another recent photo of Stacy Prater with her son

[December 3, 2007]

Stacy (Prater) Willits

E-mail: willits05@msn.com

Veneta, Oregon

Marital Status: I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, Scott Willits who graduated in 1992

Children: one son, born in 2005

Occupation: I am a stay-at-home mom

Comments: If anyone wants to catch up with me or Scott they can find me on myspace and contact
me there. I would love to catch up with some old friends that I haven't seen in years! I hope that everyone is doing well. I am very happily married with one son, finally, who is very healthy and very active! I am blessed to be able to stay at
home with him.

You can see more pictures in a slideshow at:




Keri Riggs' senior photo

[October 23, 2002]
Keri Riggs
E-mail: kbar6070@aol.com
Eugene, OR
Marital Status: Single
Children: no children yet!
Occupation: Sales Coordinator at Hilton Eugene & Conference Center
Comments: Comments: After graduation I attended LCC for two years (played volleyball one year there), moved to South Carolina and played softball at Lander University with Sara Skelton for two years, returned home and finished up school at LCC in Hospitality Management. I then landed a dream job as a Lifeguard/Youth Director on Celebrity Cruise Ships and traveled to almost all of the Caribbean Islands, the Panama Canal and the Inside Passage of Alaska! I returned home once again and have not found a way to make a final escape out of Eugene as of yet. I have lead an adventurous life and hope to continue to add more adventure and excitement as the years go on. I would love to hear from some old friends, so send me an email!

Tina Roshone's senior photo

[April 2, 2003]
Tina (Roshone) Huber
E-mail: tinabear99_99@yahoo.com
Veneta, OR
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Leonard
Children: Michael 9/26/99
Occupation: homemaker, raising my son.
Comment: I look forward to seeing you all at the class reunion this year. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since we graduated.

[September 10, 2009]

Tina Roshone-Huber
A memorial service was on Saturday, September 12, 2009, at Dexter Baptist Church in Dexter for Tina Mae Roshone-Huber of Veneta, who died September 7, 2009, at age 34. Her family chose not to disclose the cause of death.
She was born August 19, 1975, in Salem, to Donald and Illa Mowat Roshone. She married Leonard Huber in May of 1999, in Springfield.
She graduated from Pleasant Hill High School in 1993, and received an associate degree in health care administration from Pioneer Pacific College. She was a Certified Nursing Assistant.
She is survived by her husband; her mother; a son, Michael Huber of Veneta; a brother, David Roshone of Eugene; and three sisters, Leona Solano of Salem, Donna Cloinger of Husum, Washington, and Connie Parr of Gresham.
Arrangements were by Andreason's Cremation & Burial Service in Springfield.

Lisa Towner's senior photo

recent photo of Lisa Towner

[September 5, 2002]
Lisa Towner
E-mail: lisatowner75@yahoo.com
San Diego, California
Marital Status: Single, never married, I lost my Murphy to a car fire in Wyoming in 1999, thats Colbeys dad.
Children: son, Colbey, 5 years old.
Occupation: Working for Era of San Diego as a loan officer. Working on a Broker Liscense
Comments: I'm still singing, working on my second cd, my first cd self titeled sold about 5000 copies, not big time, but okey with me.Plans to stay down here by the beach, its wonderful...see you next summer.

Susie Treadaway's senior photo

[August 29, 2001]
Susie (Treadaway) Williams
E-mail: SusannaLWilliams@aol.com
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Jason
Children: no
Comments: I am still very happily married to Jason; we just had our 6 year anniversary. No kids, but one dog who has a GREAT life being our "kid." I am currently working as a writer. I write freelance for magazines and am currently working on a book proposal. I mostly do travel writing, so I get to see some great places and get paid for it! I still play volleyball and am in a jazz band for fun. I also coach volleyball and track, to fill out my day! I hope everyone else is doing well and I would love to hear from you.

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