10-Year REUNION!
Because of lack of people being interested in the restaurant dinner in August of 2005, that was cancelled and they just planned a picnic in September. I haven't heard back how that went, but Charity (Pickett) Ducket was organizing the event. Her email address is c.duckett@comcast.net, mailing address and phone number are Charity (Pickett) Duckett 1271 G Street Springfield, OR 97477 (541) 744-6225.

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April Dowdy's senior photo

recent photo of April Dowdy, her husband, and child standing on snow in front of a ski run.

[June 13, 2002]
April (Dowdy) Bernacki
Email Address: abernacki@hotmail.com
Longmont, Colorado
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Jeff
Children: Noah (9/05)
Occupation: Synthetic Organic Chemist at Array Biopharma, Inc. in Boulder, CO
Comments: After high school I attended the University of Oregon, where I earned my B.S. in biochemistry in 1999. From there I moved on to the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) where I attended graduate school for three years, working on the chemical synthesis of a potential anti-cancer drug. During my time at ND, I met my husband, Jeff (who hails from Connecticut), who was working on his M.S. in chemical engineering. We were married in the Fall of 2001 and have now moved on to Longmont, CO, (almost equidistant between Oregon and Connecticut) where I work in as a Research Associate in a biotech/ pharmaceutical company called Array Biopharma Inc. My job is in Lead Generation, where I make thousands of new molecules and test them for biological activity. I don't have much contact with those from PHHS, so please email me if you have the opportunity!
Update: My life now (2006) in short: We're the typical suburban family these days with two jobs, daycare, a family dog, and not enough sleep! If anyone's in the Boulder area, give us a call! [August 23, 2006]

Jeanine Goodman's senior photo

[July 7, 2001]
Jenine (Goodman) Cordon
E-mail: jenine@jeninecordon.com
Moscow, Idaho
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Dan Cordon
Occupation: New Media Developer - University of Idaho IT department
Comments: Dan Cordon and I are married and enjoying life in Northern Idaho - despite its poor reputation it's really a pretty nice place with many wonderful people of many cultures. Though we do admittedly live in the most liberal community in the state which is also home to the University of Idaho and near by Washington State University. We'd love to hear how things are going with others from our classes. [March 2, 2005]

Stacie Englund's senior photo

[December 3, 2001]
Stacie Englund
E-mail: stayce95@aol.com
Springfield, OR
Marital Status:single
Children: no
Occupation: Financial Aid Counselor, Northwest Christian College
Comments: I graduated in June 2000 from Northwest Christian College in Eugene, with a BA degree in Business Administration, and I am currently employed at NCC as a Financial Aid Counselor. I would love to hear what everyone else is up to, so please email me, anytime. Take care everyone, and I hope to hear from you soon!

David Kirmayer's senior photo

[July 4, 2001]
David Kirmayer
E-mail: kdavid@pob.huji.ac.il
Jerusalem, Israel
Marital Status: Married
Children: no
Comments: I live in Israel, in the heart of the whole Mideast problems, in Jerusalem. I've finished Pharmacy school at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and now I'm on an internship in industry. As the time goes I feel that I miss more and more that happy year that I spent in beautiful Oregon at the very Pleasant Hill High School. 5 years that I'm in Israel. Despite that new environment, new culture (or absence of culture?..), new experiences, I keep reminiscing most daily about my friends left in Alma-Ata (Kasakhstan), and some very good people whom I didn't have an advantage to know long enough to call friends that I met in Pleasant Hill. Although I can't say that I'm unhappy. Quite the opposite. About two and a half years ago I got married. My wife is the best person in the world, and we are renting a nice appartment in a Jerusalem suburb. I have been working these three years in a pharaceutical company in research and development, and I was trusted to lead two individual projects so far. My chances for an MSc in Applied Chemistry are quite high, at least I hope to find a place to do it. I envy you about the Oregon weather. As you can imagine, 80-110 F - that's what we have around here in summer. I'm not functioning well under these conditions, and thank goodness that I work in air- conditioned laboratories, and not as a security guard somewhere out in the sun (of which I had enough a couple of years ago...). Besides, I didn't have a normal vacation ever since our honeymoon in Paris in October, 1998... It was only five days, but it boosted us up and we could crawl on for a couple of more years.
Please write to me if you remember me.

[October 17, 2011]

Becky (Pray) Silebi
Living in Oregon
Married to Ben Silebi and together we have two children, Benjamin 5 and Kadie 4 with baby #3 on the way, (Due 3-5-12)
I Graduated from Western Baptist College with a B.A in Elementary Ed in 2000 and then attended George Fox University where I finished with an ESOL Endorsement added to my teaching license. After college, I spent some time working in various teaching jobs and then took a year off to work at Disney world in Florida. It was one of the best years of my life and one that I will always treasure. After I moved back to Oregon, I fell in love with my best friend, Ben Silebi and we settled down near both our families. Currently, I am a stay at home mom and I love it! My husband and I are very involved in youth ministry in our town. I feel very blessed and I love life. I miss my class of 1995! I hope we can all see each other again soon.

[May 28, 2010]

Andrea Schluckebier
83427 Williamson Lane
Dexter, Oregon 97431
Home 541-937-3202, Cell-541-517-6697
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Postal Clerk, United States Post Office, Pleasant Hill, Oregon


[February 11, 2010]

Berni (Silver) Ogan
Email: berni@pacificequestrian.net
Marital Status: Married
Children:Audrey, Olivia, Ethan
Occupation: Self-Employed

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