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High School

Richard Adams

Email: radams@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Clarrissa Anderson

Phone: 541.736.0711
Email: canderson@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Katie Andress

Email: kandress@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Judy Beck

EA - Special Ed
Phone: 541.736.0735
Email: jbeck@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Madison Billings

Teacher-Language Arts
Phone: 541.736.0712
Email: mbillings@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Marietta Bonaventure

Teacher - English
Phone: 541.736.0763
Email: mbonaventure@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Adrienne Bonosevich

Special Educational Assistant
Email: abonosevich@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Mike Bova

Teacher- Technology
Phone: 541.736.0424
Email: mbova@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Matthew Brown

Learning Center, Math
Phone: 541-736-0756
Email: mbrown@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Noell D'Agosta

Athletic Dept. Secretary, Front Office Secretary, OSEA President
Phone: 541.736.0702
Email: ndagosta@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Sue Doe

Math, Health, Physical Education, Child Development
Phone: 541.736.0717
Email: sdoe@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Phil Dube

Phone: 541.736.0714
Email: pdube@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Heidi DuChateau

Teacher - Special Ed
Phone: 541.736.0744
Email: hduchateau@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Kathy Duval

W.I.A./Y.T.P/Career Coordinator
Phone: 541.736.0751
Email: kduval@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Dick Erickson

Teacher - CTE/Metals
Phone: 541.736.0739
Email: derickson@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Kathie Fischer

Food Service
Email: kfischer@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Randy Fisher

Phone: 541.736.0705
Email: rfisher@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Denny Gillmore

Email: dgillmore@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Jay Gray

Teacher- Math
Phone: 541.736.0719
Email: jgray@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Tom Harris

District Health Clerk
Phone: 541.736.0405
Email: tharris@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Erik Hoberg

Vice-Principal/Athletic Director
Phone: 541.736.0706
Email: ehoberg@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Jessica Jampolsky

Phone: 541.736.0721
Email: jjampolsky@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Crystal Jones

Food Service
Phone: 541.736.0742
Email: cjones@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Lisa Jones

Food Service Coordinator
Email: ljones@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Rhonda Kay

Teacher 6th Grade
Phone: 541-736-0423
Email: rkay@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Thomas Kent

Teacher-Frosh Seminar, Independent Study,Intervention Specialist
Phone: 541.736.0720
Email: tkent@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Jan MacRae

Teacher - English
Phone: 541.736.0728
Email: jmacrae@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Beth McCool

Teacher - Language Arts
Phone: 541.736.0733
Email: bmccool@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Timothy Meinzen

Teacher, Soc. Studies/Journalism blog
Phone: 541.736.0729
Email: tmeinzen@gmail.com, tmeinzen@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Kelly Michlanski

Office Secretary, Bookkeeper, OSEA Treasurer
Phone: 541-736-0708
Email: kmichlanski@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Joe Neill

Teacher -Government, Economics
Phone: 541.736.0710
Email: jneill@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Shannon Nordquist

Library Media Coordinator, Web Admin
Phone: 541.736.0734
Email: snordquist@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Stacy Paszkiet

Teacher - Health, P.E.
Phone: 541.736.0743
Email: sermini@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Elizabeth Peasley

EA, Special Ed
Email: epeasley@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Inga Perham

Teacher - Math/PE
Phone: 541.736.0724
Email: iperham@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Sophia Raade

Teacher, 6th Grade
Phone: 541-736-0429
Email: sraade@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Jeff Roberts

Teacher, 6th Grade
Phone: 541-736-0467
Email: jroberts@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Cheryl Ruiz

Counselor, High School
Phone: 541.736.0704
Email: cruiz@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Steve Smith

Teacher - Construction, Drafting
Phone: 541.736.0730
Email: ssmith@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Joel Smith

Teacher-Middle School Social Studies; Head Football Coach
Phone: 541.736.0723
Email: jsmith@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Jada Taylor

Teacher - Middle School Science
Phone: 541.736.0718
Email: jtaylor@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Zac Tendick

Teacher- Band
Phone: 541.736.0480
Email: ztendick@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Matt Thornton

Phone: 541.736.0715
Email: mthornton@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Steven Traylor

Technology/Network Specialist
Phone: 541.736.0716
Email: straylor@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Karen Van Sickle

Teacher - Biology/Chemistry/Physics
Phone: 541.736.0725
Email: kvansickle@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Kris Violette

Email: kviolette@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Brandi Watne

Teacher - Spanish
Phone: 541.736.0727
Email: bwatne@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

Angela White

Teacher-Life Science/Agricultural 6-12
Phone: 541.736.0737
Email: awhite@pleasanthill.k12.or.us

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