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  • Oregon state law requires that all children in public and private schools, preschools, Head Start and certified child care facilities have up-to-date immunizations, or have a non-medical exemption.  Parents or guardians will receive a letter in late January or early February if their child’s immunization record shows that he or she has not received the required vaccinations. 

    For a list of the required immunizations click the following link.

    Required 2016-17 Immunizations

    Senate Bill 895 is a new law about school immunizations.

    Key changes made by Senate Bill 895:

    1. Religious exemptions signed prior to March 1, 2014, are no longer valid. Parents will be required to turn in documentation of immunization or complete the new process for a nonmedical exemption prior to Exclusion Day in February 2016.
    2. Schools and children’s facilities (preschools, Head Starts and certified child care programs) will be required to have their immunization and exemption rates available at their main offices, on their websites, and for parents on paper or electronic format.

    Vaccination Rate for Pre-school

    Vaccination Rate for Elementary

    Vaccination Rate for High School

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