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Pinnacle Grades (Check Grades)

  • You can check your child's grades via the Pinnacle Internet Viewer.

    Please Note: Pinnacle Viewer is only for grades 5-12


    1. Click on the link below.
      Pinnacle Internet Viewer Log In
    2. Enter the secure login information provided to you by the school.
    3. After you log in, please enter a new password and note it for your records.
      If you experience difficulty or have any questions about this service, please contact the office at 541-736-0400.


    • User ID and password confidentiality is crucial- Do NOT give it other people.
    • Please allow teachers turn around time to enter grades.
    • This is a privilege for parents/guardians to monitor their child's progress. Any misuse or abuse of this account will result in denial of access.
    • Missing assignments may be calculated in a variety of ways. Please check with your child and/or their teacher for the particular policy in the class.
    • If questions arise,please visit with your child, teacher, counselor, or principal.

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