Robotics Wins State Championship!

Congratulations and a big round of applause goes out to Pleasant Hill High School's Gromit's Grommets (also known as Hannah Gibson, Nathan Faber, Gabe Placko, Sam Schuetz, Dylan Hammond, and Ben Hogervorst), who recently became the new Oregon State Champions in this year's FIRST Tech Challenge!

The tournament was held in Portland on Saturday, March 1st, wherein fifty of Oregon's top robotics teams spent the weekend competing. At the end of the elimination bracket, Pleasant Hill was chosen as the winning alliance team. Pleasant Hill is the first Oregon team ever to win outside of the Portland area.

Saturday's events included a series of inspections and panel interviews with various professional persons. These judges examined the robots, their functions, and each team's engineering notebook. Practice and team scouting also took place throughout the day.

Sunday morning commenced with "pool play", and at its completion Pleasant Hill was in 1st place, which allowed them to pick two teams to partner with for the elimination brackets.

Eliminations were best of three matches, and in both the division finals and the championship finals play went to three. And, of course, in the third round of Championship Finals Gromit's Grommets were declared the winners!

In general, FIRST Tech Challenge teams are expected to design and build a robot, which requires lots of communication, and strategic decision making.

We now wish Gromit's Grommets all the best as they travel to compete in the Western Regionals in Sacramento, CA in 2 weeks.

Anyone wishing to sponsor or support the team can make a donation to Robotics via the Pleasant Hill Foundation or contact coach Rick Faber.

Watch Gromit's Grommets Robot # 8045 in action!

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