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Dear Community:

Pleasant Hill School District (PHSD) is preparing for the upcoming school year. Part of this process is we are considering a change in our school year calendar. Currently, we have early release on Wednesday twice a month. We are proposing to have early release every Friday for students for the upcoming year.

As part of our requirement set forth by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), we are required to have a certain amount of instructional time. The instructional time rules require districts to provide a minimum number of instructional hours and ensure that a certain percentage of students are scheduled to receive the minimum hours.

Minimum hours: The State Board of Education has established the following minimum hours of instructional time:

Grade Level  ODE Required Hours  2019-20
School Year
Proposed 2020-21
School Year


So, how can PHSD go from two early release days a month on average, to four early release days a month on average and increase instructional time? We are proposing to add a few more minutes to the school day. This will increase instructional time over the school year.

Current 2019-20

PHES: REGULAR 8:00 - 2:15 EARLY RELEASE 8:00 - 1:15

PHHS: REGULAR 8:05 - 3:10 EARLY RELEASE 8:05 - 1:35

Proposed 2020-21

PHES: REGULAR 8:00 - 2:25 EARLY RELEASE 8:00 - 1:25

PHHS: REGULAR 8:00 - 3:10 EARLY RELEASE 8:05 - 1:45


Scott Linenberger


Pleasant Hill School District

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