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Cat Warriors (consists of 5 sub-sets) by Erin Hunter


  1. Into the Wild,
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. Forest of Secrets
  4. Rising Storm
  5. A Dangerous Path
  6. The Darkest Hour

Warriors: The New Prophecy

  1. Midnight
  2. Moonrise
  3. Dawn
  4. Starlight
  5. Twilight
  6. Sunset

Warriors: Power of Three

  1. The Sight
  2. Dark River
  3. Outcast Eclipse
  4. Long Shadows and
  5. Sunrise

Warriors: Omen of the Stars

  1. The Fourth Apprentice
  2. Fading Echoes
  3. Night Whispers
  4. Sign of the Moon
  5. The Forgotten Warrior
  6. The Last Hope

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans

  1. The Sun Trail,
  2. Thunder Rising
  3. The First Battle
  4. The Blazing Star

Super Editions

  1. Firestar's Quest
  2. Bluestar's Prophecy
  3. SkyClan's Destiny
  4. Crookedstar's Promise
  5. Yellowfang's Secret
  6. Tallstar's Revenge
  7. Bramblestar's Storm

Field Guides

  1. Secrets of the Clans
  2. Cats of the Clans
  3. Code of the Clans
  4. Battles of the Clans
  5. Enter the Clans (collective including Secrets of the Clans, Code of the Clans, color artwork, foldout map)
  6. Warriors: the Ultimate Guide

Graystripe's Trilogy (Manga)

  1. The Lost Warrior
  2. Warrior's Refuge
  3. Warrior's Return

The Rise of Scourge(Standalone, Manga)

Tigerstar and Sasha

  1. Into the Woods
  2. Escape from the Forest
  3. Return to the Clans

Ravenpaw's Path

  1. Shattered Peace
  2. A Clan in Need
  3. The Heart of a Warrior

Skyclan and the Stranger

  1. The Rescue
  2. Beyond the Code
  3. After the Flood

Novellas (e-books)

  1. Hollyleaf's Story
  2. Mistystar's Omen
  3. Cloudstar's Journey
  4. Warriors: the Untold Stories (print version of above three compiled into one volume).
  5. Tigerclaw's Fury
  6. Leafpool's Wish
  7. Dovewing's Silence

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