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NSLP Free and Reduced Applications

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2020-21 Free Reduced Application--English

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Pleasant Hill School District is participating in the Oregon Expanded Income Guideline (Oregon EIG) program offered for the 2020-21 School Year.

What is Oregon EIG? Federal income eligibility guidelines allow students from households with income up to 185% of the federal poverty level to qualify for free or reduced meals. The Oregon legislature expanded those income guidelines to include households with income between 185 – 300% of the federal poverty level. EIG is available to students in Oregon public schools and public charter schools who implement EIG.

How is this different from USDA Free/Reduced Meal Benefits?

The approval for Oregon EIG status is specific to EIG participating schools in Oregon. If your children attend schools that are not participating in EIG, your household may still need to pay for meals.

You may see “eligible for free or reduced price school meals” in relation to discounts or reduced fees. Qualifying for Oregon EIG does not qualify your household for other program or discounts .

To help you determine if your household qualifies for “no-charge” meals under Oregon EIG, use the income guideline table below instead of the Federal income table listed in the application instructions.


*Available through SSA funding.CNPweb must document the selection to participate in EIG. Oregon Expanded Income Guideline (EIG)

Oregon students may qualify for EIG meals at no charge* if the household income falls at or below the limits on this chart and above the limits on the Federal Reduced Price Meal chart.

Household Size Annual Monthly Twice Per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
-1- 38,280 3,190 1,595 1,472 736
-2- 51,720 4,310 2,155 1,989 995
-3- 65,160 5,430 2,715 2,506 1,253
-4- 78,600 6,550 3,275 3,023 1,512
-5- 92,040 7,670 3,835 3,540 1,770
-6- 105,480 8,790 4,395 4,057 2,028
Each additional household member adds 13,440 1,120 560 517 258


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