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Inter-District Transfers

For information regarding 2021-22 mid-year transfer requests, please call the District Office at (541) 746-9646.

2022-23 Inter-district Transfer Form

PHSD has limited space allotted for inter-district transfers for the 2022-23 school year. The availability below is subject to change based on returning student enrollment.

Grade 12 – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Grades 9-11 – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Grade 8 – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Grade 7 – 20 slots available for IDT
Grade 6 – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Grade 5 – 6 slots available
Grade 4 – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Grade 3 – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Grade 2 – 4 slots available
Grade 1 – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Kinder – CLOSED (Cohort full)
Application Process:
  • Complete the Inter-District transfer form available on the Pleasant Hill website.
  • Submit completed form to your resident district to apply for a release. Students must be released from their resident district even if they have never attended.
  • Resident districts (or applicant) submit signed PHSD IDT form to
  • Applications will be accepted until June 3, 2022
Lottery Process:
  • Preference will be given to students who have siblings currently enrolled in PHSD
  • If there are more requests than slots, the district will conduct a lottery.
  • Requests not approved through the lottery will be put on a waitlist for the remainder of the school year.
  • After the initial lottery process, additional transfer requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis in the order that they were submitted.
Notification Process:
  • Families will be notified of their application status the week following the lottery drawing.
  • Notification will be via email & hard copy mailed to address provided.
  • A student contract will be attached to approval letters. This must be signed and discussed with your student’s school prior to registration.
Special Notes:
  • Students approved through any nonresident transfer are required to attend as full-time students.
  • A transfer may be revoked should the student’s attendance fall below 90% and/or should the student’s behavior fail to meet standards.
  • The parent/guardian must provide transportation for approved transfer students to and from school, regardless of documented disability.
  • Students may not register for school or sign up for/practice with athletic teams or other activity groups in the requested school until the transfer is approved and eligibility is determined. 
  • Families knowingly providing false information to access a school shall be immediately withdrawn and may be charged tuition.