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District Office

Pleasant Hill’s District Office is committed to providing high quality support to our students, staff and community.  
Business Services:

  • School Administration – working with the superintendent and school board to ensure we are compliant with Oregon Department of Education (ODE) guidance
  • Financial Management – presenting a financially responsible budget and meeting the requirements of the annual financial audit report
  • Bussing – overseeing regular and emergency routes and traffic controls
  • Food Service – providing meals that are compliant with the National School Lunch Program and the record-keeping required by ODE 
  • Human Resources – assisting applicants and hiring committees in filling vacancies
  • Purchasing and Payables – sourcing the supplies and services needed to keep our school district operating efficiently
  • Payroll – managing payroll and employee benefits for staff and meeting all state and federal requirements  
  • Communication – informing our community through our website, superintendent updates, and newsletters 
  • Billies KinderPrep – district-run program for 3 year olds and Pre-K 4 & 5 year olds 
  • Technology – keeping networks and equipment running efficiently
  • Maintenance -  managing our buildings and grounds in compliance with the many governing agencies 
  • Facilities - assisting individuals and groups hosting events on school property
  • Student Transfers – helping students secure school placement

Location: We are located in the small building closest to the reader board on Highway 58.  
Hours: We are open Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm during the school year. We close on Fridays in July and the first part of August.