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Title I

Pleasant Hill Elementary School receives Title I funding. Title I is a federal program that provides resources to schools in areas of economic need. NCLB (No Child Left Behind) focuses on schools that receive Title I funding.

Under NCLB, every school receiving Title I money is required to notify parents of their rights to request and receive the following information from the school: 

Professional qualifications of your child’s teacher(s) including degrees and certifications held and whether the teacher is certified in the area he/she is teaching. In addition, whether or not your child is receiving instruction by a paraprofessional, and if he / she is highly qualified. This applies to all instructional staff in the school, not just those paid with Title I funds. 

The status of your child’s school should it be classified as being in the school improvement. 

Title I schools that do not meet AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) for at least two years in a row may be required to offer students public school choice within the district or tutoring. Schools that continue to be identified for improvement may be listed for corrective action. Our Title I schools have met AYP and we are not in any kind of improvement status. 

Of your child’s achievement level on Oregon Statewide testing. If your child has been assigned or taught for at least four consecutive weeks by a teacher who does not meet the highly qualified definition. Also your right to be involved in the planning and implementation of our parent involvement program in our school. 

We are proud of our schools and staff and are happy to provide you with this information in a timely manner, upon your request. We look forward to the school year and hope that you will help us foster strong parent involvement and communication by contacting teachers and staff at your school who can help you and your student experience success. 

If you have specific questions about this notification, please contact your school’s principal. If you have any additional questions about No Child Left Behind and its impact on schools, please contact Devery Stoneberg, Federal Programs Administrator for Pleasant Hill School District at 541-736-0400.