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Homeless Resources

McKinney-Vento Program – Homeless Education

The purpose of the Mckinney-Vento Act for Children and Youth Program is to ensure that homeless students are provided a free, appropriate education despite the lack of a fixed place of residence or a supervising parent or guardian,

The following living situations may qualify a student:

  • Living in a hotel or motel
  • Staying in a shelter or transitional housing
  • Living in a car, RV, or camping outside
  • Staying at someone else’s home due to an economic or other such hardship
  • Staying in a house that lacks water, electricity, heat, or is over-crowded
  • Couch-surfing – with or without parents/guardians

Eligible students have the right:

  • To remain in their school of origin even when they move around
  • To expedited enrollment in eligible school even without complete documentation
  • To transportation support to maintain school stability
  • To free school meals programs
  • To full participation in school programs and services for which they are otherwise eligible

McKinney-Vento liaisons provide support to eligible students and families by:

  • Assisting with enrollment
  • Coordinating transportation support to and from school
  • Providing school supplies and other supplies as available
  • Providing referrals to school and community services to meet basic and other needs
  • Problem-solving barriers to school attendance and participation and advocating to remove barriers
  • Assist unaccompanied youth with the FAFSA

Students who are not with a parent/guardian and in the above living situations are also eligible.

If you have or know a student who you think is eligible, please contact the McKinney-Vento program director at (541) 736-0498 or email