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Inclement Weather Bus Routes

If the weather conditions in the morning make you wonder if we are going to have school, will school start late, or will we have limited transportation you can view updates on Inclement Weather & Pleasant Hill School Closures here.

Limited transportation provided by our buses during ice and snow.

When road conditions are such that the district transportation system will be restricted, the following changes in bus routes will take place. If there are no announcements transportation will operate as usual.

Wallace Creek Road - Route D

The bus will turn around at Weyerhaeuser Road, just beyond 37047 Wallace Creek Road; students living above this road will be able to catch the bus there.

North Morningstar Road - Route F

This road will be BYPASSED. The bus will pick up students at the intersection of North Morningstar Road and Enterprise Road

Papenfus Road - Route F

If the weather is such that the bus can’t go up Papenfuss Road, all students will need to meet the bus at the intersection of Papenfuss and Enterprise. This change will be announced.

Rattlesnake - Route H

Rattlesnake Road Hill will be avoided by turning around at Kimball. The bus will wait at this location for students from the South side of Rattlesnake Hill to catch the bus. Then will proceed to Hwy. 58, turning right and going east to Lost Creek Road. The bus will turn right on to Lost Creek Road, proceed to South Rattlesnake and Quarry Road. Students from Rattlesnake Hill including Harold Road, Hanna Road, and Lost Valley can meet the bus there. 

Lost Creek Road - Route K

The bus will proceed to the intersection of Lost Valley and Lost Creek. The bus will wait at Lost Valley Lane for students from upper Lost Creek.

Hills Creek Road - Route S

The bus will turn around at the Jasper Christian Church at Hills Creek and Kenney Road. Students living beyond this stop will be able to catch the bus there.