Thank you to all who attended and participated in the "World Cafe" on Tuesday November 19th. We greatly appreciate your input and opinions. 

Follow the link below for more info about the Student Investment Account.

If you have any questions please call the District Office at 541.746.9646

PHSD Continuous Improvement Plan


Dave Ackland
Kim Callison
EA, Special Education; OSEA President

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Tom Harris
District Health Clerk

Phone: 541.736.0405

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Josie Holley
Food Service
Cindy Kordon
Library/Media Coordinator, OSEA Secretary

Phone: 541.736.0427

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Susan Mattie
Food Service

Phone: 541.736.0490

Christy McAllister
EA- Special Education
Janet McNamee
EA - Special Education
Nancy Mercer
EA, OSEA Elementary Building Rep.
Laura Pardee
EA- Title 1
Michele Perini
EA, Special Ed
Nichole Perkins
EA, Title 1
Kevin Schnelle
Nicole Sharr
Maria Skelton
Elementary Secretary

Phone: 541.736.0496

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Cary Stuart
Pre-school EA
Carrie Thoms
Elementary Office Manager

Phone: 541.736.0402

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Colby White
EA, Special Education
Shelly Wyman-Ray
EA- Kindergarten

Upcoming Events

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