PHSD Community Survey - High School Success Act

The Student Success Act is a game-changer for Oregon schools. When fully implemented this act will invest approximately $2 billion for early learning and K-12 education, focusing upon key areas, such as reducing class size, increasing instructional time, addressing health and safety needs and ensuring a well-rounded education.

In order to apply for these funds our district needs all voices in the conversation.

You play a key role in this process and this survey is a meaningful way to get involved.

Please take the time to fill it out and encourage others to do the same.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. As always, I am open to your feedback. Your involvement and continued dedication is critical to our success. Thanks again for all the dedication you put into this important work and to helping our students succeed.


Scott Linenberger


Pleasant Hill School District

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Staff Directory


Erik Hoberg
Vice-Principal/Athletic Director

Phone: 541.736.0706

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Jolene Hill
Counselor, Middle-School

Phone: 541.736.0774

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Sarah Baird-Reed

Phone: 541.736.0728

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Madison Billings
Teacher-Language Arts

Phone: 541.736.0712

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John Bowden
Teacher-Social Studies

Phone: 541.736.0727

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Matthew Brown
Teacher-Learning Center

Phone: 541.736.0756

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Sue Doe
Teacher-Math, Health, Physical Education, Child Development

Phone: 541.736.0717

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Sarah Dressler
Teacher-Health, Athletic Trainer

Phone: 541.736.0732

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Phil Dube

Phone: 541.736.0714

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Heidi DuChateau
Teacher-Special Ed

Phone: 541.736.0744

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Dick Erickson

Phone: 541.736.0739

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Jay Gray

Phone: 541.736.0719

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Rhonda Kay
Teacher-6th Grade

Phone: 541.736.0747

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Thomas Kent
Teacher-Frosh Seminar, Independent Study,Intervention Specialist

Phone: 541.736.0703

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Kyle Ludwig

Phone: 541.736.0425

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Alyson Messersmith

Phone: 541.736.0725

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Joe Neill
Teacher-Government, Economics

Phone: 541.736.0710

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Stacy Paszkiet
Teacher-Health, P.E.

Phone: 541.736.0743

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Inga Perham

Phone: 541.736.0724

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Sophia Raade
Teacher-6th Grade

Phone: 541.736.0746

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Steve Smith
Teacher-Construction, Drafting

Phone: 541.736.0730

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Joel Smith
Teacher-Middle School Social Studies; Head Football Coach

Phone: 541.736.0723

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Jada Taylor
Teacher-Middle School Science

Phone: 541.736.0718

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Angela White
Teacher-Life Science/Agricultural 6-12

Phone: 541.736.0737

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Clarrissa Anderson
Registrar, OSEA Vice-President

Phone: 541.736.0711

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Adrienne Bonosevich
Special Educational Assistant

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Amy Brothers
Library/Media Specialist

Phone: 541.736.0734

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Noell D'Agosta
Athletic Dept. Secretary, Front Office Secretary, OSEA High School Building Rep.

Phone: 541.736.0702

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Kathy Duval
WIOA/YTP/Career Coordinator

Phone: 541.736.0751

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Tom Harris
District Health Clerk

Phone: 541.736.0405

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Nicholas Heater
EA - Special Ed

Phone: 541.736.0735

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Lisa Jones
Food Service

Phone: 541.736.0742

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Kelly Michlanski
Office Secretary, Bookkeeper, OSEA Treasurer

Phone: 541.736.0708

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Aaron Peasley
Educational Assistant

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