Thank you to all who attended and participated in the "World Cafe" on Tuesday November 19th. We greatly appreciate your input and opinions. 

Follow the link below for more info about the Student Investment Account.

If you have any questions please call the District Office at 541.746.9646

PHSD Continuous Improvement Plan


Sarah Baird-Reed

Phone: 541.736.0728

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Madison Billings
Teacher-Language Arts

Phone: 541.736.0712

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John Bowden
Teacher-Social Studies

Phone: 541.736.0727

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Matthew Brown
Teacher-Learning Center

Phone: 541.736.0756

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Sue Doe
Teacher-Math, Health, Physical Education, Child Development

Phone: 541.736.0717

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Sarah Dressler
Teacher-Health, Athletic Trainer

Phone: 541.736.0732

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Phil Dube

Phone: 541.736.0714

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Heidi DuChateau
Teacher-Special Ed

Phone: 541.736.0744

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Dick Erickson

Phone: 541.736.0739

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Jay Gray

Phone: 541.736.0719

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Rhonda Kay
Teacher-6th Grade

Phone: 541.736.0747

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Thomas Kent
Teacher-Frosh Seminar, Independent Study,Intervention Specialist

Phone: 541.736.0703

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Kyle Ludwig

Phone: 541.736.0425

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Alyson Messersmith

Phone: 541.736.0725

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Joe Neill
Teacher-Government, Economics

Phone: 541.736.0710

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Stacy Paszkiet
Teacher-Health, P.E.

Phone: 541.736.0743

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Inga Perham

Phone: 541.736.0724

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Sophia Raade
Teacher-6th Grade

Phone: 541.736.0746

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Steve Smith
Teacher-Construction, Drafting

Phone: 541.736.0730

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Joel Smith
Teacher-Middle School Social Studies; Head Football Coach

Phone: 541.736.0723

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Jada Taylor
Teacher-Middle School Science

Phone: 541.736.0718

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Zac Tendick

Phone: 541.736.0480

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Angela White
Teacher-Life Science/Agricultural 6-12

Phone: 541.736.0737

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