You are invited to a Community Input Session on the Student Success Act. Come learn more about the historic opportunity for our students, contribute to a discussion on key areas supporting student success, and get your questions answered by local education leaders. Your voice matters – please join us at Pleasant Hill High School’s Student Center.

We will provide pizza and soda from 5-6PM with our meeting running from 6- 7:30 PM on Tuesday November 19th. Childcare will be provided.

If you have any questions please call the District Office at 541.746.9646

Continuous Improvement Plan    Community Survey Results


Sarah Baird-Reed

Phone: 541.736.0728

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Madison Billings
Teacher-Language Arts

Phone: 541.736.0712

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John Bowden
Teacher-Social Studies

Phone: 541.736.0727

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Matthew Brown
Teacher-Learning Center

Phone: 541.736.0756

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Sue Doe
Teacher-Math, Health, Physical Education, Child Development

Phone: 541.736.0717

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Sarah Dressler
Teacher-Health, Athletic Trainer

Phone: 541.736.0732

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Phil Dube

Phone: 541.736.0714

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Heidi DuChateau
Teacher-Special Ed

Phone: 541.736.0744

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Dick Erickson

Phone: 541.736.0739

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Jay Gray

Phone: 541.736.0719

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Rhonda Kay
Teacher-6th Grade

Phone: 541.736.0747

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Thomas Kent
Teacher-Frosh Seminar, Independent Study,Intervention Specialist

Phone: 541.736.0703

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Kyle Ludwig

Phone: 541.736.0425

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Alyson Messersmith

Phone: 541.736.0725

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Joe Neill
Teacher-Government, Economics

Phone: 541.736.0710

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Stacy Paszkiet
Teacher-Health, P.E.

Phone: 541.736.0743

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Inga Perham

Phone: 541.736.0724

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Sophia Raade
Teacher-6th Grade

Phone: 541.736.0746

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Steve Smith
Teacher-Construction, Drafting

Phone: 541.736.0730

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Joel Smith
Teacher-Middle School Social Studies; Head Football Coach

Phone: 541.736.0723

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Jada Taylor
Teacher-Middle School Science

Phone: 541.736.0718

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Zac Tendick

Phone: 541.736.0480

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Angela White
Teacher-Life Science/Agricultural 6-12

Phone: 541.736.0737

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