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Water Quality

The district will test for lead in all water taps used for drinking water and food preparation in every school and building. Water samples are then sent to an approved lab for comprehensive testing which follows OAR 333-061-0036(2)(c)(A) through (E) recommended protocols for taking action to reduce lead at any water outlet that has a lead level above 0.015 mg/L.

Testing process

Testing drinking water quality is a two-step process that starts with testing lead accumulation in dormant water that is sampled after sitting undisturbed in fixtures and pipes overnight. If the analysis shows an elevated level of lead in the dormant water sample from a fixture, a follow-up test is done on water sampled after flushing water through the line, to help determine where the source of lead is. The fixture is turned off or prevented from being used for drinking water until the source of the lead has been identified and eliminated.

Where any elevated lead levels are found, the district will take steps to address the cause and provide a safe environment for students and staff. The district will:

  • Immediately stop the water from being consumed and ensure a source of safe drinking water     is available.
  • Identify and eliminate the source of the lead.
  • Retest the water to ensure it is safe for students and staff.
  • Notify parents, students and staff of the results and actions taken.

Lead Testing Results 2016-19

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